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Professional Dog Groomer
Owner - Candy Cross
2224 S 14th St. Ste 3
Leesburg, Fl. 34748
Leesburg: (352) 360-0444
Hours: Tue-Sat: 8am-till

Dog Grooming in Leesburg, Florida

$5 Off, Dog Grooming in Leesburg, Florida

When you want your pet to look their best, visit us for dog grooming, nail trimming, and more at All 4 Paws in Leesburg, Florida. Call us today.

Canine clients throughout Lake County have been enjoying their Dog Grooming experience here for many years, receiving a full range of dog grooming services, including medicated, and fur-whitening washes, as well as ear cleaning, nail clipping, and skin and coat treatments.

Candy Cross, the owner, is a Nationally Certified Dog Groomer, with over 30 years of professional dog grooming experience. Grooming sessions are by appointments only. Appointments available: Tue-Sat 8am-till last client leaves (closed on major holidays)

My name is Candy, my dog grooming business has been serving Lake County for many years. I've been involved in dog competion grooming, and have been awarded, twice, Best All-Around Groomer. Our shop has 2 other professional dog groomers providing dog grooming and cat grooming services,... Donna and Kassie. My primary goal is the comfort, health, well being and happiness of your pets. You can elect to have your pet caged or free-roam while visiting us. At our shop you'll find we truly care about your pet. Your pet is always treated with respect, love and care. Nothing brings a smile to my face like seeing a dog walk through the door that has been coming to our shop since they were a puppy!

We provide a calm, clean, caring environment and give your pets the LOVE, CARE and RESPECT they deserve! Your pet will be well taken care of. We treat each animal with care and strive to provide a safe and clean environment for your pet. All 4 Paws is a full service dog grooming salon. We also provide day care dog boarding($15/day). Everything we do is geared toward providing your pet with a comfortable and relaxed dog grooming experience.

We never use tranquilizers or drugs, only tender positive techniques. We groom all breeds and all sizes, including cats. My rates are very reasonable and first time visits can receive a $3 discount on a full grooming session.


Dog Grooming Services (Click here for more info)
      • Professional Dog Grooming Experience
      • All Breed/Size Dog Grooming
      • Large dogs welcome
      • Stress-Free Individual attention for each dog
Dog Grooming Time       • Personalize Dog Grooming Services at reasonable rates
      • Nail Trimming
      • Shedding Management Programs
      • We help acclimate dogs to grooming sessions.
      • Natural, bio-degradable, Flea, and Tick grooming supplies used

I give your pet the LOVE, CARE and RESPECT it deserves!

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Call today to schedule a dog grooming session for your pet.
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